Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.On the handling of passenger information

At the end of the design process of our next experience, we will request personal information, which will be used in a strictly confidential manner and only for the planning of the trip so it cannot be shared with third parties, the information requested is the following:

  • Clear image of the passport – ID card – identity card (valid for more than 6 months) of the participants.
  • Nutritional requirements.
  • Medical condition (essential for adventure tours).
  • Information on your arrival in the country.

2.Initial payment and payment methods

In order to take the next step in any of the chosen services you must make an initial payment or advance payment of 40% of the total amount of the chosen service (this advance payment is not refundable under any circumstances). The following are our payment methods:

  • Credit or debit cards: You can choose between VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Dinners Club taking into account that the commission for your choice is 5% for the same payment gateway (automatic increase generated by the bank).
  • Paypal: Online payments taking into account that the commission for your choice is 7% for the same payment gateway Automatic increase generated by the bank
  • Western Union or Money Gram: Choosing the immediate or deferred option (2 to 4 days delay) the commission may vary depending on the origin of the shipment.
  • International bank transfer: A method that is used exclusively for amounts over 3 thousand dollars because each bank has different intermediaries and each one has different commissions, so that in high amounts it is not reflected in a significant way.

Commissions: All means of payment generate commissions, which vary depending on the modality and in all cases are imposed or generated automatically by the bank. All commissions are assumed by the customer.

Currency: All rates are in U.S. dollars, if you would like a quote in your country’s currency, please ask your travel consultant.

Booking confirmation: Upon receipt of the 40% payment, personal information and additional details requested by the travel consultant, we will send you an e-mail within 24 hours with the confirmation documentation (Service Card and Travel Invoice).

IMPORTANT: All prices shown do not include taxes for executive clients (IGV). If you request an invoice you must consider the increase of 18%.

3.Payment of the balance or remainder

The outstanding balance must be paid immediately upon arrival in Cusco. It is recommended that this is done in cash, in case you want to make use of card or transfer we must consider again the commission previously mentioned for the use of the gateway or payment method.
Important: You must consider that not making this payment will make it impossible for you to participate in the contracted services (in no case will the company make any refund of the advance payment).

4.Air and Train Tickets

All air tickets and/or train tickets are NON-refundable due to internal rules of the same entities that generate them.

5.Modifications of ITINERARIES by the customer

Any type of modification, update or sudden change by the client generates penalties which will be assumed by the client, it is coordinated with the travel consultant to make known if it is added at the time of the change or together with the outstanding balance.
Note: There are cases in which it is impossible to make a modification such as entrance tickets to Machupicchu or Inca Trail, likewise these are non-transferable so if something happens we must consider acquiring new income.

6.About the INCA TRAIL tours and alternative treks

These incomes, since they are so numerous and important, have many restrictions that make them unique, therefore we must take into account that at the moment of acquiring them we must be sure about the date and others since within their restrictions there are things that we cannot do such as:

  • Date changes
  • Modifications of personal data
  • Reimbursement
  • Cancellations

If we do not show up for the service, it is considered a No-Show. In case we cancel the service in person we must pay 100% of the service.

7.Cancellations or cancellations by the customer

There are several cases in which there may be a cancellation by the client, although we do not proceed with 100% of the refund, we do proceed with the possible refund of the remaining percentage of the penalties by the entities as part of their terms and conditions.
In case of a force majeure situation such as a health issue, the request must be made with a medical certificate that provides the explanation and support. Although there are always exceptional cases in which we do not proceed under any situation such as the Inca Trail, air tickets and / or train tickets.

8.Responsibilities of the Passenger or Client

  • Each traveler must provide reliable information in order to proceed with reservations.
  • It is very important that each traveler comes to the country with the passport or travel document with which he/she made the reservation.
  • For trekking and/or adventure tour services, it is important that 3rd age travelers have a medical certificate of good health.
  • You must have travel insurance before leaving your country.
  • In case the client shows signs of drunkenness, use of hallucinogenic substances, mental disorders.
  • For security measures, we reserve the right to suspend the contracted service without the right to reimbursement.
  • In case the client does not comply with the established itinerary and this causes delays, losses or other inconveniences, the client will be responsible for them.
  • There will be no possibility of reimbursement when the services are in full progress and on a regular basis, and the client, of his own free will, decides not to continue with them.
  • If the passenger comes with minors, he/she will have to present the necessary documents of the minor (DNI or passport of the minor, DNI or passport of the parent). Passport of the minor, ID card or passport of the parent).
  • Also, if the minor is traveling with a parent or without his/her parents, it is mandatory to present a notarized letter certified and signed by the notary and by both parents (This authorization is valid for 90 days and must be submitted to the Peruvian immigration authority to allow the minor to leave the country and is valid only once).

9.Criteria for suspending the activity and/or service

The following are the criteria for suspending activity in contracted services.

  • Social problems (work stoppages, strikes)
  • Unfit health conditions on the part of the passenger
  • Conditions due to the ingestion of alcohol and/or intoxicating substances
  • Emergency zone decreed by the state or competent body
  • Mutual agreement with the customer
  • Abandonment of the group by the client
  • Natural disasters

10.About Travel Insurance

Cozy Planet Peru has a responsibility with its clients, as well as its collaborators, so we care about the general welfare before, during and after; therefore, we have implemented our support regarding the importance of travel insurance, as well as the following precautions:

  • FOR CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Since the physical demands of these tours are not extreme, we recommend the purchase of travel insurance with medical coverage for cancellations and delays.
  • FOR ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES: Aware of the implications of the different routes (weather conditions, physical demands, adaptation to geography, and others), we require the purchase of travel insurance as a mandatory requirement, offering medical coverage, evacuations, cancellations, delays and others.

Additionally, people suffering from pre-existing diseases (high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, locomotive system problems, diabetes, asthma, history of altitude sickness, people suffering from acrophobia or panic at heights and others) must come with medical evaluation from their place of origin and with the pertinent medication.

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