Choquequirao Trek

Built on top of a mountain in the Andes, the lost city of Choquequirao ( Cradle of Gold ) is comparable only to Machu Picchu ( Old Mountain ) , in its beauty ,...


Built on top of a mountain in the Andes, the lost city of Choquequirao ( Cradle of Gold ) is comparable only to Machu Picchu ( Old Mountain ) , in its beauty , architectural grandeur and accomplishment. Choquequirao ( Cradle of Gold ) is at 3050m . Inca wonder of ancient stone walls that protect the two palaces and temples. Systems fountains, canals and aqueducts that feed the farming terraces are intact and many miles away are seen by tourists, this is truly a spectacular walk .


Day 1 : Cusco – Cachora – Chiquispa

We leave Cusco at 6:00 am to the town of Cachora ( 3100 meters ) at 10:00 approx. Here we find the horses and wranglers , and is at this point where we begin our trek by a gently sloping path on the way our first glimpses of Padrayoc ( 5,482 m) and Wayna Cachora snowy on the course will have a short break in the passage of Capuliyoc ( 2900 m ) from where we will have a panoramic view of the valley of Apurimac, then descend appreciating the beautiful landscape of warm weather to reach Chiquisqa (1930 m) here we will have our first camp. (Lunch and dinner ) .

Day 2 : Chiquisca – Playa Rosalina – Sunchupata

After breakfast (5:00 AM) , we will continue our walk towards Playa Rosalina ( 1550 m) , then up the hill towards Santa Rosa ( 2100 m) where we stop for lunch , this ride is the hardest , then ascend to Maranpata ( 2850 m) , the smoother rise during this journey,  you will see all the way the vegetation that exists in this place from the first day of the tour,  then go a straight section with Sunchupata direction , here we will have dinner camp and from this point it’s an hour to Choquequirao. ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Day 3 : Sunchupata – Choquequirao – Chiquisqa

After an early breakfast we head to Choquequirao to appreciate the sunrise, we visit the citadel for three hours always accompanied by a guide who will explain about this important Inca refuge and the importance of the Apurimac and Rio Blanco rivers. As well, we can appreciate the Cordillera Vilcabamba , after the tour begin the return to Sunchupata and descend to Santa Rosa , then descending to Playa Rosalina , then we headed to the town of Chiquisqa , where we camp . (Breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Day 4 : Chiquisqa – Capuliyoc – Cachora

After a hearty breakfast in Chiquisqa (06:00 AM) we return by the same path until step Capuliyoc and here are two more hours to the town of Cachora this is a much softer section and we will be arriving 12:00 pm approx. , on the way, we will appreciate the exotic flora and fauna, as well as stunning views of mountains and the impressive canyon of the Apurimac.  And then continue to the city of Cusco. Arriving at the hotel in the afternoon . End of our services.



  • Pick up from hotel , transportation to Cachora.
  • English / Spanish speaking guide throughout the tour .
  • 03 breakfasts
  • 03 lunches
  • 03 dinners
  • Camping equipment
  • Entrance to Choquequirao
  • Horses (which carry the tents, food , cooking equipment) .
  • Transportation from Cusco – Cachora and vice versa.

Not Included

  • Does not include sleeping bag.
  • First breakfast
  • Last lunch
  • Tips
  • Expenses not mentioned in the itinerary

NOTE : This tour does NOT include Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu



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